Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Post #3


I guess what I was really talking about managing and ordering in the last post was time. I've always managed that poorly. My perception of time has always been partitioned by "job." Too many tasks in the same day and it starts feeling like more than one day.

I've noticed a lot of people have no problems with getting a ton of different things done in a day, so clearly perception matters a great deal when it comes down to managing time.

Somebody who viewed time in parcels could far more easily decide to reserve a little bit of time every day or at least every week to work on unfinished projects - and would probably have the time to do it because they'd be better at avoiding procrastination as well.

I've never had much success with itineraries but I understand they work well for a lot of other people - split the day into hours, parcel up jobs by how many hours they'll take or just reserve time for the sort of job that can be left unfinished (you don't want to leave cooking dinner unfinished), group the most "sacrificial" tasks near areas that there are likely to be overlap (like commute time might cut into your TV watching or leisure reading time) and then stick to the new schedule religiously.

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  1. Schedules only work for me insofar as they remind me what I need to do, they don't necessarily encourage me to do them...