Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog #8 (Part Deux)

For this part of the assignment, I picked "Shadrach" by the Beastie Boys. This song draws from all of the classics. "Funky Drummer" drum pattern laid down by Clyde Stubblefield, as we saw in "Copyright Criminals" is at the core of early hip-hop.

Sly & the Family Stone and a suite of other (though lesser-known) funk roots build up the extreme funkiness of this track which has contributed to its long-lasting appeal. Even the refrain and theme of the song (tied in with the three MCs' Jewish upbringing from the biblical story of the three Hebrew men in the furnace) is lifted from Sly & the Family Stone's "Loose Booty" (inexplicably).

As Miller described, "the mix absorbs almost anything it can engage - and much that it can't... information collage..."

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  1. Paul's Boutique is amazing for sampling (and a formative album of my youth). I never realized the Sly and the Family Stone lift. That is, as you say, inexplicable. Huh. Nice job.